Wholesale and White label sales and consultancy - we offer our full range as white label for new and existing CBD or related businesses. Please call for more information and a tailored package that suits you and your companies needs.
- no contracts and tailored MOQ.

Litres of pre mixed CBD 2.5%, 5%, 10% and 20% in either; hemp seed oil, Olive oil or MCT coconut oil. Lab tested.

Making your own products? We can help.
Raw ingredients: We offer kilos and multiple kilos of: distillates, pastes, isolates and water soluble CBD AND CBG etc. We can provide unlimited quantity of exceptional quality raw ingredients from our associate farms around the world. We only ever source the finest lab tested ingredients for you and our own range of products.
For more information please call - 07470335695 or email info@thehempbotanist.co.uk
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