‘I’ve taken CBD but I don’t think it works’.

We’ve heard this many of times
so we thought we would add a little information on this area.

As we are all so very different, what works for one person might not work for another. Some people prefer topicals, others edibles. Only we can make that judgement for ourselves. Listening to your body is key so in order to get the best of CBD and to trial how it works best for you we always encourage people to try for an extended period of time; for example, 25mg twice daily for one month.

The reason why we promote this manor of using CBD is due to the cumulative effect required in some cases with CBD to activate your receptors and stimulate your endocannibinoid system.

CBD is a food supplement

As we are all uniquely and beautifully different, some people react instantaneously to it, however some will require slightly more extensded use. This could be down to many of factors within the human body.

We usually say, try to use CBD twice a day for a two to three weeks, at this time if you feel doubtful that CBD is working for you then we advise you to stop taking it...this could be for a one or more month period in order to allow your body to feel its ailments and conditions without managing with CBD. The general consensus is, people felt better whilst incorporating CBD as a part of their daily lifestyle routine.

Putting your endocannabinoid system into balance (homeostasis), is only what nature intended


With love,

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